Coming Up for Air, Part 3





Before and after our ship sailed to Latvia I had the chance to spend a few hours in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city.  In addition to the familiar “big city vibe”, I was enthralled by all of the history and culture everywhere I ventured.  These short glimpses into the Stockholm story were a tasty appetizer for the days I will spend in the city right before I return to the US.  From the Royal Palace, to the Swedish Dance Museum, to some really stunning water and city views, I look forward to having the time to delve a little deeper into what this major port city has to offer.

Highlights included:

Ø  Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace, Stockholms slott (Stockholm Castle).  This is the official residence of the King and Queen although they actually live in Drottningholms slott (Drottningholm Castle). I plan to return for the tour of the Royal Apartments in January.

Ø  Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholmen Church).  This is the oldest preserved building in Stockholm and the only surviving medieval monastery church.  It is also a royal burial church and museum.  It is quite interesting architecturally from the outside, as well as the surrounding grounds and apartments which are now residential properties.  It was closed the day I was there, but I will revisit it when I return to Stockholm.

Ø  Branting Monument.  This monument sits in Norra Bantorget Park and the front depicts Swedish social democratic leader Hjalmar Branting addressing a crowd of workers during a May Day demonstration.

Ø  World Trade Center.  This one literally stopped me in my tracks.  I wasn’t expecting to see another building with this name. I will go inside next time I’m in Stockholm.

Ø  Riksdag Administration. Home to the Swedish Parliament, this is another site I will return to for the tour, but the building itself and grounds were simply beautiful.