Coming to an End







This week was my birthday week (I turned 20 on April 5th!) but unfortunately, I was sick throughout it all. I didn’t want to spread anything to my friends, so I stayed inside. However, I am fully recovered now! I finished my classes and will not be in the UK for much longer. This will be my last entry.

Studying abroad has been the most eye-opening, fun, and enriching experience of my life. I made a lot of amazing friends, traveled more than I thought I would be able to, and had time to reflect on my values. My favorite parts were visiting and learning about historical sites, and traveling alone. I look forward to continuing to travel throughout the summer, and then returning to University of Idaho in the fall. I plan to spread the word about study abroad to incoming education majors, and my department has already expressed approval of this plan in the past.

I think living abroad is beneficial to any person. When it comes to future teachers, I think it is a great experience that contributes to the field. Understanding what it is like to adapt to different cultures and languages allows teachers to better understand and help students who are not fluent in English, who have recently moved, etc. In addition, there are opportunities to learn about history and other perspectives of the world. Finally, studying abroad grows everyday skills and confidence.

It went by so quickly!

Image: Crossing Vauxhall Bridge