Coming down the home stretch!


I can’t believe we are already in April! At the end of April, I will be heading home a very different person. You can’t help but change. Maturation, appreciation, critical thinking growth, socialization… So many ways that I have learned about myself and how I can apply that in everyday life, wherever I am.

We just finished midterms and Spring break. It has been very difficult to get back into the groove. School, internship and two major final papers are looming ahead. I almost feel like my brain is revolting and wants to rest. We have a full week this week; the following week I go to Athens, Greece; then its my birthday week-I am taking myself to the Opera at the Teatro dell Opera di Roma- and then it’s the last week and I go home.

Now is the time to really get out my time management and prioritization skills. If I want to continue to be successful in my classes, I need to be sure to: plan my days, classes and assignments in advance, find a place that I am most productive, take breaks and not burn myself out, be able to say no to activities that will interfere, focus, and block distractions. This last one is the most difficult because there are so many directions in which to get distracted and lose focus and the goal, all the while balancing my constructive time in Rome.

Back in the beginning of this adventure, I input all of my classes into my Google calendar, when we got the syllabus for each class, I input all the major papers and exams that were listed and their due dates, including a reminder to do my FEA blog. Each week on Sunday evening, I glance at the week and plan a strategy for completing assignments. This has come in handy, especially, when I have a weekend trip planned to another city or country. It is so much easier to finish assignments BEFORE I leave, than try and crunch them after I come back.

All of this has helped me tremendously in being a successful student. It is a strategy that I learned when I was working and being a mom raising 5 children. Being pro-active helps keep peace of mind and body, aside from getting things done. I have loved my time here, but I feel its coming to a close, every place I go, I wonder, is this the last time I will see it on this trip? I feel grateful and I take it in with all my senses, just in case it is the last time.