Cold Weather






The Korean peninsula rests on the same line of latitude that my hometown does. Therefore, I braced myself for another Arctic winter. Despite some pipes freezing in the building that I live in, I am pleasantly surprise with this refreshing winter. Right now my hometown is roughly 20 degrees fahrenheit colder than Seoul. I am so happy to wear whatever footwear that I desire as a result of the absence of snow. I feel so blessed!

Right now I am taking steps towards my long term goal of fluency in Korean language. Next week I will begin a 60 hour class at Ewha Womans University Korean language school. It will last the duration of February. In March I have ambitious plans. I intend on taking more Korean language classes in the morning at Ewha, and then dashing back to Korea University in order to take 12 credits in the afternoon. Last semester I took 17 credits at Korea University. Two years ago I worked in the tourism industry. In conclude that I find being overloaded with classes or work to be okay.

I am still bent out of shape about my bro passing away. This event has made me re-prioritize my life. I will go forward and intend on completing my undergraduate degree here in Korea. However, it would be rather nice to do graduate school in New Hampshire. That would allow me to spend every birthday and holiday close to my family. However, I am building good relationships with people on this peninsula. I guess there will always be pieces of me in New Hampshire and in Korea. In addition to re-considering my graduate school location, I am also taking my religion more seriously. Previously, I thought that I would always have tomorrow available to better myself. What if I die early such as my big bro did? Would I be the person that I want to be in this life if given that amount of time? I think not. I need to be a good person today, because one never knows exactly if tomorrow will come.