From Cleats to Ballet Slippers Over Night





I’ve never really been into sports, don’t watch them on TV, never played them, and definitely struggle to understand the rules to each game. However, I do respect the level of dedication the athletes have, their passion for the game, and team-spirit instilled in them.

This past week, one of the most exciting rugby league games of the year took place, the State of Origin series. This is often referred to as Australian sport’s greatest rivalry, attracting huge television audiences and usually selling out the stadiums in which the games are played. It is regularly described as being the pinnacle of rugby league, even in comparison with international competitions. Players are selected to represent the Australian state in which they played their first senior rugby league game, hence the name ‘state of origin’. The Blues represent New South Wales (NSW), whilst the Maroons signified Queensland. Since Sydney is in the heart of NSW, I made sure not to wear maroon on the day of the game!

It was such a cultural experience to view the game on TV amongst excited Australian’s and my fellow American housemates. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! Rugby is a wild sport, and I was amazed by the physical resilience of the players. The rules are still a bit confusing, but I have a better understanding of the sport now, and I am looking forward to attending a local game this weekend! I was proud to see NSW take the victory for the first round out of three for this exciting game. 

The next evening, I attended Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White Ballet at the Sydney Opera House. I was excited to get dressed up and see my first ballet performance, and at such an iconic venue nonetheless! The show was breathtaking. I was speechless afterwards, and still struggle to express how much I enjoyed it. Admiring the performers, viewing their passion for what they do and how they are able to convey emotions without words, all through movement just blew me away. (I actually cried twice during the performance!)

Well, you know what they say: work hard, play hard. I have maintained a strong balance of interning, keeping up with classwork, and making the most of my free time. At my internship I’ve had the opportunity to help plan a Community Sports Awards event which is held yearly to honor individuals dedicated to improving disability inclusion in sports. I stay busy communicating with others through making phone calls, sending emails, and working on behind-the-scenes preparations for the event occurring next week. I also helped create the program pamphlet and I am learning so much about event planning. I am looking forward to meeting the individuals being honored at the ceremony, from reading their biographies I know they are doing outstanding work and I hope to learn from them. 

This past weekend was extra long, with Monday off for a public holiday- the Queen’s birthday! I spent my bonus day at the Sydney fish market for lunch, followed by an adventure over the Harbor Bridge. The bridge is the heaviest steel arch bridge in the world, and contains 6 million hand driven rivets. It took 1,400 men eight years to build and kept people employed during the Great Depression. Such a miraculous feat, I was overjoyed to climb 200 stairs to the top of the pylon lookout with gorgeous views all around.

Until next time…