Cities and people discovered!


This week has been one of the best here in France. The group of students that I came with have become somewhat of a family now and we use our weekends to travel to other cities to meet new people, practice our french, and learn more about the culture here. This weekend, after an intensive time in class, we went to the city of Toulouse and met incredible people while at a hostal.

In this trip, we met teens from all over the world (Canada, US, Latin America, Morocco) in Toulouse and learned a lot about each of their experiences. They all had one theme in common: they all left home in order to travel the world on their own and live in foreign countries. Hearing these stories made me reflect on my own life and what I am doing at the moment and what I want to do after college.

After the weekend in Toulouse, I came to the conclusion that I do not want to say in the same place my entire life. I want to continue learning from other people and other places all over the world. I used to have the idea that after college I would want to work at a Civil Engineering company in the States and possibly travel a couple times a year doing projects. Now, however, I don’t think that would suffice.

I want to leave the States after college and live on my own abroad. It’ll give me a chance to prove myself and I know I will learn a lot. I don’t know how i’ll do it or what I will work on abroad but I have time to figure out. I have attached some cool pics of the people I’ve met and some cool buildings.