Ciee excursion!





CIEE is the exchange student program that I am on, and one of the benefits of this program is the great excursion that they have planned for us. Before classes started, we went to a few cities in the middle of Korea that are each famous for showcasing different facets of traditional Korean society. I created a vlog of my experience, and I hope you enjoy the video. It sums up the trip fairly well. The end of the video is from a closing of the day ceremony at the famous temple Buseoka [부석사] in the city of Yeonju [영주시], which is also known as “The Temple of the Floating Stone”. It was founded by the famous scholar Uisung [의상] in 676 and it is quite incredible. I am a person who reflects the best after a sum of time has already passed, so the experience was a way for me to gain friendships with those within my program, eat some outstandingly delicious food, and push myself to explore and hike through the mountains. It also gave me an insight into discovering Korea through its non-verbal traditions. I was able to gain a lot just gazing upon the architecture, pottery, mountain formations, sounds, and even examining others and their reactions to this part of Korea. I hope to go again to these locations and unearth these places on a one-on-one basis.

*Note: I admit that I am a terrible speller, and I am aware I have incorrect english in my video. ㅠㅠ