Christmas Week Update




Happy Holidays!

My friends from UCSB, who studied abroad in Florence and Madrid, visited me this past week! Copenhagen was their last stop before they head home to California. It was a nice and relaxing 4 days with them as we reflect on our study abroad experiences thus far. Crazy how everything feels so surreal, I was telling them on it felt like yesterday when we were really excited about going abroad and traveling together in Europe. It’s so awesome how we all successfully visited each other in our countries of studies (Spain, Denmark, and Italy)! We didn’t do much, mostly because I was busy with finals and wanted to spend time resting since I was not feeling too hot. We visited Tivoli (of course), Strøget, Nyhavn, Christiana, and checked out the christmas markets. Aside from the touristy activities, we watched 8 episodes of How to Get Away with Murder (which by the way was so good) and ate a lot of snacks. It was really nice to have close friends visiting during the holidays season especially because all my semester friends I made in Copenhagen are leaving to go home as well. I had a nice down time and felt completely at home with them here. If you all are reading this, thank you for visiting me! :) 


A little update on my academic life: 

The past few days have been extremely busy with an oral exam and a paper. I am currently writing a paper for my psychology course called Consciousness. In the paper, I will be arguing that schizophrenia is a self-disorder that interferes with your consciousness. So far, it’s been (really) difficult to write because consciousness is an interesting concept that is hard to grasp- I’m not sure how to define it indefinitely. After this paper, I have another one due mid January- into my winter vacation, so that should be fun. 

Christmas Plans:

This Christmas, one of my friends (Jessica) is visiting from Utrecht, Netherlands. We don’t have plans yet but will probably go to dinner and check out the christmas lights & ride some rides at Tivoli Gardens. An interesting thing is that Danes celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve- they have dinner, open presents, and other christmas/holidays related things. On the actual day, they apparently don’t do much- according to my Danish sources aka my colleagues.