Christmas Festivities




On the same weekend nearing Christmas, I was able to go to the Hibiya Christmas Market as well as the Roppongi Midtown Ice Skating Rink.

At the Hibiya Christmas Market, one of my friends (who I’ll name A-chan) invited me to visit a Christmas Market. I’ve never actually been to a Christmas Market, let alone one in Japan, so I agreed. the entrance fee was around $7 but it also came along with a gift bag with a glass mug inside. The market was European themed, which I found quite shocking, but it was still an experience to be had. A-chan and I walked around the different booths to see what they offered and one booth was selling hand crafted matryoshka dolls (Russian Nesting Dolls) and it was also my first time seeing them in person. A-chan actually decided to buy one for herself and one for her sister and the one’s she chose were very cute and painted with very delicate stroke work. The food stands were all offering some sort of German food but since A-chan wasn’t too big of a fan of sausages, we opted to get chicken and fries. As for the glass mugs, some booths offered cider or hot chocolate and in order to serve it, they had to use our glass mugs so that’s why we were given those mugs to begin with (we were also able to keep them)

As for the ice skating rink in Roppongi, I went with two different friends (in this case, I’ll name them H-chan and K-Chan). It was my first time ice skating ever, so I was somewhat nervous of falling several time, but fortunately, that was not the case, it was quite the opposite. I got used to ice skating relatively quickly, whereas K-chan was struggling a bit. Both me and H-Chan were watching over K-chan so that we could help her if she had fell down, but no one fell down that night fortunately. We were only skating for an hour, but we were able to snap a few nice pictures, and afterwards, we were given a coupon to use at the mall sponsoring the rink, so we all decided to order hamburgers.