Chinese Medicated Diet for Coughs





Have a few coughs by not severe enough to visit the doctor’s office or hospital? Follow these Chinese recipes to help alleviate an irritated throat.

Three days ago, my dad came to pick me up in Hong Kong for Guangzhou. Together we went to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha and was under the sun for hours. Perhaps due to the high heat, fatigue and not drinking enough water my throat started feeling a bit heated. A few coughs would bring up a foul phelgm smell. My dad brought me to the local pharmacy to buy Chinese herbal cough syrup. After a few more days, my cough seemed to grow more severe and frequent.

Curious what the Chinese approach is to healing coughing, I searched the web for medical and diet advice. There are five recommended recipes:

1. Brown Sugar Ginger Syrup. First bring water and brown sugar to a simmering boil, then add ginger slices for further brewing. This is good for an itchy throat.

2. Steamed Eggs. Mix two eggs and water in a 1:1 proportional and froth them with chopstick. Add a pinch of salt and steam the egg in a ceramic or steel bowl for 10 minutes. This recipe alleviates coughs caused by common cold or scathing winds.

3. Warm soymilk. Soymilk is “滋阴(ziyin)” provides a nourishing and protective coat around the trachea. Soymilk combats cough brought about by lung infection or illnesses.

4. Ginger soup or slices. Carrot ginger soup, fresh slices of ginger, ginger-flavored eggs are all good to help treat thick coughs that spew up phelgm.