Cheesin’ in France




When you think of French food, what first comes to mind? I’m sure cheese crossed your mind! France is well known for its large variety of cheeses, and every region has unique cheeses that they specialize in. Living in Paris, I realize there are many kinds of cheese in the grocery stores you can not find in the United States. However, these unique cheeses are not just created in a factory. They are made in a unique way in a specific region. To prove their authenticity, they are verified by the labels AOC and AOP. AOC stands for “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée,” which guarantees that the product is made from a specific region and follows the rules of tradition and craftsmanship. AOP stands for “Appellation d’Origine Protégée,” which replaces the AOC label when spread across Europe; however, the product must be labeled AOC first. It has been amazing to taste a variety of cheeses that I would not have had the opportunity to try in America. Learning about the history and traditions still intact to this day proves the strength of French culture and helps me understand the country from an in-depth, first-hand perspective. I recently went to Les Petits Crus for a wine and cheese tasting. This was a fantastic experience because they paired the best wine with the type of cheese that you prefer. I love creamy cheeses, so I ordered a board of 6 with various options. If you have the opportunity to travel to France, try the 24-month Comté!