Chaozhou Cuisine (潮州料ç†ï¼‰





Today I enjoyed Chaozhou cuisine. This is allegedly the most popular and delicous cuisine of the Guangdong Province. They specialize in making oyster congee, pickled greens with pork belly, sweet and sour noodles, fried fish, and more. 

My floormate and I had a brief talk about the popularity of Chaozhou cuisine in the Guangdong province. Apparently it is the representation of the phrase “食在廣州” which translates to “best food is found in Guangzhou”. 

Just like how America has a defined style of southern food, the styles of Northern and Southern Chinese varies from each other. The south focus on white rice as staple carbohydrates whereas the North revolves around noodles and dumplings. I personally prefer southern style because they have more variations in condiments. The north uses more sour and spicy dishes, perhaps due to keep warm in the colder climate.

Table set

Mango with tapioca  sweet soup

Sugar tossed taro sticks