Castles and Plays




I am studying abroad in England under the USAC program and this weekend I went on another field trip with them. We visited the Windsor Castle, which is where Meghan and Prince Harry got married. While we were waiting for the changing of the guards we walked around and my friend Rebeca saw a celebrity! She watches a spanish show called Casa de Papel, and we saw two of the actors that are in that show. This is how it all happened; we walked by a hotel and there seemed to be something going on because there was firefighters, a firefighter truck, and a lot of people outside the hotel. So, as we were walking by, Rebeca starts freaking out and tells me “Diana! Please take a picture of me”  I was confused due to the sudden outburst, but took her phone anyways. Then Rebeca ran up to them and asked for a pictured and basically had a fangirl moment. Once they said yes, I took many pictures and Rebeca was ectastic even after the pictures. I think that was the highlight of our visit to Windsor Castle since we didn’t get to actually go inside or see Harry and Meghan; but the changing of guards was very cool to see.

After our visit to Winsdor Castle we went to Oxford. Unfortunately, our stay there was very short, only a few hours, so we only had time to go eat lunch and go souvenier shopping. Our actual destination where we stayed at was Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Let me just start of by saying that Stratford-Upon-Avon was beautiful. It’s an iconic place as it was there where William Shakespeare was born. While we were there, we went to the Royal Shakespeare Company theather and saw Taming of the Shrew. But this play had a twist to it, as the genders were switched and it was the male, the “shrew”, getting “tamed”. I am not very familiar with Shakespeare, but I was pleasantly surprised and thouroughly enjoyed the play.

The next day, we walked around Stratford-Upon-Avon and it was a lovely sunny day. At the bed & breakfast we stayed in we had a traditional English breakfast.    Post breakfast, we went on our way to our last destination, Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle was quite the adventure.

The first thing we did while at Warwick Castle was go through a maze. It was a sunny day, but once we where at the maze it started to hail, we were stuck! I think that was what made the maze fun. Afterwards, we walked around the castle which was simply stunning. It’s hard to describe what i saw because it’s something that just has to be seen. To put it simply, each room was filled with art and history. Overall, it was an amazing experience.