Cabbage and Condom




Hey everyone!

Sorry, I haven’t been able to update frequently. Thursday night, my teacher took out the class to dinner at a restaurant called Cabbage and Condoms. The first thing that came to my mind was why would anyone name their restaurant with condoms with it. Well, the reason was there was an HIV epidemic in Thailand and in order to combat the problem, some restaurant will include condoms in their names. They did this so people know they can come and receive free condoms. These type of campaign really help in bring down he HIV rate in Thailand.

Anyway, the first thing that caught my attention was the sign that was next to the entrance, which is “The food is guarantee not to cause pregnancy.” It was very funny, but at the same time it was able to convey the message. Inside the restaurant, you would find pictures of condoms and saying that encourage people to use condoms. Also, there was a cowboy and a Santa Claus that was made out of  condoms! It was so interesting and amazing because I have never seen anything like that before.

Our teacher ordered the food for us. It was so good and tasty. There was fried  fish, a northern soup, salad, and some other Thai dishes I can’t remember the name of . We discuss about the reading that we did for class and how unique this place really is. My teacher said the one in Bangkok literally has condom hang from the ceiling! So Cool! The only thing I wasn’t happy about was they didn’t give out any free condoms!

Being able to go to the restaurant, it has made me realize that there are different and effective ways that can be use to promote good health and public health. Many people think that campaign consist of just posting signs, holding conference, and having festivities. I would have never consider using restaurant or creating stores to be used as a way of advocating and promoting public health. This trip to the restaurant has open my eyes and made me to think unique ways to campaign for public health.

Photos of Cabbage and Condoms

Entrance of Cabbage and Condoms.


The picture frames about condoms.


The sign in front of the restaurant.


Condom Cowboy


Condom Santa Claus


Sign at the restaurant.