Bye-Bye America pt.2





The time has come for me to leave America for West Africa once again. This time, I am heading to Accra, Ghana. I am looking forward to warmer weather (it’s a bit chilly in Atlanta these days), tasty foods (I love kelewele and jollof rice), speaking English (as much as I love French, I’m looking forward to speaking a language that I know the ins and outs of), and having clothes made (I have sooo many outfit ideas in mind).  I know that my spring semester experience will be different in many ways, but there are two aspects of my upcoming trip that will impact my experience the most. I’ve written about them below.

One, I will be living at the International Student Hostel at the University of Ghana-Legon. I’m looking forward to living more of an “independent” lifestyle. In Senegal, I had the wonderful opportunity to live with a host family and I am truly grateful for the time that I spent with them. They were welcoming, showed me around the neighborhood, introduced me to Senegalese culture, and made sure that I had everything that I needed. Homestays are wonderful opportunities that allow you to be a part of a family and easily teaches you aspects of the new culture. However, living on your own can provide you with the opportunity to sort of create your own family and be more proactive about learning about a new culture. Independent living forces you to find your space in the new culture, make new connections, and find your way around a city. I can say that I’m looking forward to the experiences that I’ll make by choosing to live in the international student hostel but a part of me is also afraid. This fear comes from not knowing what will happen which is the exact same thing that excites me. But, either way I’m making my way to Ghana and I’m sure that life will do that thing where it works itself out.

Two, I will have an internship. I did not have an internship in Senegal because the internships fields that were available were not of interest to me. I was able to meet with a photographer who recently moved to Senegal and hoped to work with her but the opportunity did not reach fruition. While in Ghana, I will be interning at a digital creative agency. I’m unsure of what my role will be but I’m looking forward to having my first international professional experience. I intend to work abroad after graduating college and this opportunity is the perfect way to get acquainted with working abroad!

I arrive in Accra on January 20th at around 8:30am. Since I arrive during the day, I will have enough time to settle into my dorm and perhaps explore a bit of the university when I drop off my belongings. I start orientation the next day and until the 30th when I start classes.

Until next time,