Busy Start


Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I last blogged but now that I’ve started classes I knew it’s time to reach out. October in Kochi is nothing like October back home in Massachusetts, it’s still pretty hot most days and we get heavy rain at least once a week, which I’ve been told isn’t normal typhoon season weather. Thankfully I’ve also heard that it will cool off quite a bit by the end of the month and be down to the teens(Celsius) regularly by this time November.


Classes have started up as well and I’ve got to be honest the work load is much more intense than I expected. It’s my senior year after all so I shouldn’t expect anything less. I take 4 Japanese classes per week, a philosophy based intercultural communication class, and a history class as my standard classes each week. Japanese class has a LOT of homework which is nice because I get to learn more Japanese which is always good when you’re in Japan. History class is a lot of fun so far because I get to be something like a teacher’s aid and me and my professor have a good dynamic. Intercultural Communication class seems like it will be fun but we had a slow start, so I’m fairly excited to see where that goes.

On top of my regular classes I have two classes that are basically independent studies, one quite literally an independent study and the other a regional field work group class, where myself and a student from the University of Kochi lead a group of 5 students in how we will help improve the Kochi region in a way unique to us. Interestingly I found out just yesterday that my plan is the plan that everyone taking this class is doing which is both awesome and intimidating. What we’ll be doing is helping local restaurants create better accommodations for non-Japanese speaking people and so far it’s going slow but well. As for the independent study I haven’t started it yet but the idea is to teach Japanese college students to be more comfortable speaking English and creating a better understanding of casual conversations by using comic books, two of my huge passions together Japan and Comics.

It’s been a while and I know this is short, but we have good news to go with it; I’ll be posting weekly starting next week with my first Vlog where I will introduce you to the City of Kochi especially my little town of Atago a beautiful neighborhood with mountains and lovely homes. I’m excited and overwhelmed and prepared to make the best of this life changing experience!