Bus Surprise In Taiwan!





And week 6 comes to an end! What a week it’s been. As promised (to myself) I’ve taken a lot more pictures. I think I’ve found myself at least one winner– but I’ll let you guys decide that for yourself.

The picture I’ve liked the most this week is one I took while on my way to meet my roommate’s language partner. We got onto a bus that was decked out in stuffed animals and toys. Initially we were thrown off, but after telling the language partner about it she revealed to us a very compelling story. Bus drivers here are free to decorate the interior of their buses as if they were driving their own office, so it seems this one decorated his with all these toys for the kids on his route, since his took him through mostly elementary schools.

That was probably the craziest thing I’d seen all week, but I had done plenty of other activities. My roommate and I wandered the NTU campus in search of glue for her scrap book and we happened upon a very cute gift shop. They had these adorable bears that I will in fact be getting for my family. But I shouldn’t mention anymore about that so I don’t ruin their surprise ;).

I’ve actually done a lot of store wandering this week, I’ve found myself a book store near my workplace that I want to visit frequently. I’m thinking every Friday.

But besides the stores, I had an interesting experience with my language partner on Sunday. We had met originally for studying at a cafe, but she invited me back to her dorm for dinner. Her dorm is special though, and I knew this, it’s run by her church and all the students within are attending the same school and the same church. Dinner was framed between singing hymns and small sermons (which included a kahoot review game).

I have never attended church in the U.S., so this was an awing experience to say the least. I enjoyed it all— everyone was nice, and they were excited to each try their hand at communicating with me, this was perhaps the only place where I hadn’t been made fun of for my lower speaking level. If it wasn’t so far out of the city, I might go back often. I do hope I get to go back.

It makes me curious as to what sect of Christianity they are. I attempted to ask my language partner, but the question was too complex for both of our levels, so we ended up dropping it. After reading a history they had posted on the wall, and a discussion in class, I think their church is protestant. It seems that a majority of Christians in Taiwan are protestant, possibly due to many many generations of colonial influence.

I know this entry has come rather late, the whole week is so interesting I want to experience it all before writing, which puts me back a few days. I promise I’ll get back on schedule!