Bullfighting in Spain




The idea of ​​bullfighting has not always been a controversial topic, but today it is. Bullfighting in Spain began in the 12th century, and many Spanish people consider bullfighting to be a tradition, a part of their identity. The bull is the most common animal used in the celebrations of Spain. It is deeply ingrained in the culture and spirit of the country. However, there are many animal rights organizations and political parties that are against bullfights because of how the bulls are treated. There are many arguments for and against bullfighting.

The people of Spain have many reasons to continue bullfighting, but little by little, more and more people are speaking out against bullfighting. Some experts say that bulls do not suffer much in bullfights. The bulls have food, are vaccinated and taken care of before arriving at the bullfights. The bull’s meat also goes to the people. Furthermore, experts don’t believe that the bull serves any purpose other than bullfighting. So without bullfighting, there is no reason for bulls to exist.

Undoubtedly, tradition is the most important reason. Bullfighting, especially for the older generation, is a big part of Spain’s identity and is considered an art, much like flamenco in Andalucía. It is very difficult to get rid of something that has been a big part of a culture. However, nowadays bullfights are not very popular, especially with the younger generation.

On the other hand, young Spaniards increasingly don’t like bullfights. The most obvious thing is that the bulls suffer in the bullfights. The animals cannot understand what is happening. People in favor of bullfighting say it’s a fair fight. If this is the case, there would be more deaths from the matadors. However, matadors almost never die. In addition, bulls are the only animal that can legally suffer. If someone wants to start a dog run and stab the dogs to death, people would be against the idea. To add to that, bullfights are subsidized by taxes because they are so expensive. If a citizen does not like bullfights, he is forced to support something he is fundamentally against. To the point that it says “the bulls only exist for bullfighting,” is just wrong. The government can create a sanctuary for the bulls and people can come and learn about the tradition and history. If necessary, visitors can pay to enter the shelters.

In the end, bullfighting is not part of my culture or identity. So my opinion doesn’t mean much. However, in my country, there were many traditions that were not good, but we have ended. We used to have you black babies in zoos, like an attraction, but we have moved past that and learned. Now, there are many museums that teach about the bad traditions of my country. Bullfights can be like that. It is not necessary to forget the runs, but it is time to grow and learn.