Brighton: The most under-rated UK city





Hello everyone!

This past weekend I went to Brighton to visit one of my friends from Albuquerque. They are currently studying at the university of Sussex and after months of planning I finally got to visit them. Let me start off by saying Brighton is a holy grail must see city. Going into this trip I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to quite a few cities in England so I thought I was be very similar to the ones I have visited. But I was very Wrong. Brighton is a city full of joy and is so lively. Brighton geographically is right by the beach and even those the beach was mostly rocks it was so nice to see a scenery like the ones back home. On the beach there was a long pier that stretched almost a mile long. On the pier it was completely carnival themes and there were so many rides and fair foods. Very similar to the Santa Monica Pier back in the states! Although I didn’t ride any of the rides it was surprisingly affordable; only 30 pounds for a day ticket. I cannot rave about Brighton enough the weather was spectacular and the first time I have seen the sun in England in months. Something about being by the beach on a warm day brings me so much joy.

In the city centre we went around to the lanes for some lunch and did some thrifting. In Leeds the clothes thrifting scene is not the greatest and often just shopping from charity shops. But in Brighton everyone dresses so cool and unique. Thats because they have proper thrift shops that sold vintage clothing and reworked pieces for cheap. Safe to say I did splurge a little when walking around block and blocks of thrift shops. one of the shops even had a display of old childhood favorites board games glued to the ceiling and it was so cool.

At night I got the opportunity to stay at the University of Sussex and learned that the school is actually built in an national park. It was very different from any of the schools I have visited in England. The uni of Sussex was excluded from the city itself and is surrounded by loads of trees. The scenery was amazing and being in the forest really made me want to do more things in the outdoors. I do love the school I picked but I loved Brighton so much it gave me slight regrets on not attending school there. Fun Fact: University of Sussex was actually my second choice!

If you get the chance to visit this amazing city, please do, you would not regret it the slightest. I highly recommend a short day trip on a summer day. I definitely want to go back before I head back home to the US maybe I’ll see one of my fellow FEA scholars there!