Blog Post 2





1. This picture was taken outside of the Hassen II Mosque. I went on a weekend trip to Casablanca with a few of my friends, and while there we toured inside this mosque. This is one of very few mosques that allows non-Muslims to go inside. I respect such practice, but I was surprised upon arrival in Morocco that people were unable to visit such religious buildings. I grew up Catholic, and though I no longer practice, I remember that the Catholic church was always open to people of differing religions. The mosque itself was built by King Mohammad V and Morocco’s best Artisans out of remembrance for King Hassan II.

2. In this picture was one of my dinners while in Casablanca. There are chicken kebabs, hummus, a mayonnaise-based sauce, vegetables, and surprisingly French fries. While being in Morocco, I have been surprised about how popular French fries are in everyday meals. I assume it is because of the post-colonial French influence, but I always thought French fries were unique to America. Also, the kebabs I ate for dinner were the best kebabs I have had in my entire life. The season was so unique to Moroccan cuisine, and it was something I had never experienced before. Lastly, I was taken back by the price difference here compared to America. This meal cost 40 Moroccan dirham which is equivalent to 4 U.S. dollars.