Blog #8: The Final Reflection


A day from today I will be back in Los Angeles County and return to my family home for the summer. I have spent the last five months in England, United Kingdom taking this semester on my own. I have built my way up in understanding an entirely new surrounding such as new culture, currency,people, and transportation. From adjusting to a new weather and education system, having to constantly transfer celsius to fahrenheit and subtracting twelve from any time frame past 1:00 PM (13:00). I have learned to adjust to new environments quickly and through many unexpected occurrences during travel, learned to quickly improvise. A key skill in this journey was staying optimistic, adapting my mindset when I wasn’t able to change the situation. Learning the beauty of stepping out of your comfort zone and the endless opportunities that can present to you being courageous.

I have lived away from my parents since my first year of college, always living through student accommodations while attending university. With that, I have lived on my own for almost three years. Although, living on your own in a different country was a bit more intense in the independent aspect. This time there was no assistance with groceries through government aid and there was no car at my convenience to utilize. I learned to budget and attend local markets where vendors and farmers would sell produce for cheaper prices. I learned how to navigate England through trains and buses, how to work the schedule and know which line goes where. I proved to myself how resourceful I can be and showed myself how determined I am.

While I grew a lot as a person there were countless mistakes that allowed me to achieve growth. This wasn’t a process that occurred after the first month living here but took lots of trial and error. I am only twenty-one and have only just begun my growth as a young-adult. Studying abroad has greatly jumpstarted that process though. I feel more mature and have built a great sense of purpose while traveling. When speaking to new people who come from different backgrounds and experiences. I have opened my eyes to endless opportunities that are throughout the world and not only in familiar places.

In a blink of an eye not only did a whole semester pass by but I have also transformed so much as a person internally. As I take my last weekend trip tomorrow, this is a great time of gratitude and abundance that fills my heart. I will finish this semester abroad being able to say I have been to 11 countries in the span of five months and have friends from all over the world. I was able to successfully complete my courses abroad and at home while tackling these new opportunities and even experienced my first solo backpacking trip. This is only the start of a bright future ahead for myself. I am forever grateful for FEA, my family, and CSULB for letting this dream come to life.

With lots of love,

Adriana Zazueta