Blessed Abundantly




Sorry for the late blog post I had such a productive weekend I wanted you to hear all about it. Have you ever been a place looked out on the skyline and just felt blessed beyond measure. Well that feeling came over me last night. This weekend was full of new experiences that were funny, troubling, essential, and most importantly rewarding.  So Friday I went the artisan market which is a place full of souvenirs, when I tell you walking in that market is like walking in the lions den. Its one long strip of venders every one wants you in their store, everyone claims to have the lowest price and everyone wants to negotiate with you. One thing I learned is take a list to souvenir place and negotiate like you were born on a episode of shark tank. It was cool because some of the vendors spoke english and we shared a few laughs over negotiations. I spoke to one vendor who had lived in New York and we spoke on the topic of thanksgiving and how he was going to miss the left overs from thanksgiving dinner. That night I went out hoping that I would get some luck and be able to practice my salsa, which I did but I truly had never felt like a true foreigner until then. I went with two young ladies and the place had a lot of people on the dance floor but when we went to dance you would think we were on the dance floor alone. Every one moved away from us like we weren’t welcome so we decided to do the electric slide to their salsa music. Then they wanted to act like they were interested in our dance and started staring at us and even tried to do it. So when in doubt in a different country do the electric slide!

Saturday I went with a friend from the church I attend to a church meeting he was apart which was awesome. i got to meet a whole lot of great people and we even had chifrijo. This is a dish with rice,beans,tomatoes,onions,avocado,pork, and chips all in one. It was phenomenal. Sunday I went to my first ever soccer game and when I say it was like nothing I would have ever expected. In Costa Rica the biggest teams are Suprissa and La Liga. When they play its called the classic, its a rivalry like Yankees and Red Sox. I had bought a Suprissa jersey but I actually like La Liga’s colors more anyway Suprissa won 2-0 and each time they scored Suprissa fans would go crazy while La Liga fans went crazy hurling curse words and giving middle fingers to all Suprissa players. It was good old friendly hate if thats possible. After the game a friend form my school took me to Heredia where she lives and we went to a bar which looks over the whole provinces of San Jose and Heredia. I was able to see the night lights as we sat and spoke about life. It was a great weekend and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life.