Bhasha Utsav/Ethnic Day at CU





Today Christ University (my host college) celebrated Bhasha Utsav (translation from Kannada: “Ethnic Day”) – all of the morning classes were cancelled and we congregated under USA, Canada and Denmark (the countries represented in my program) signs for a parade through campus, joining international students from Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, China, Korea, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Brazil, South Africa. The parade led us into the HUGE auditorium, where there were 15-20 song/dance routines by different ethnic groups of India and different countries in the world. But then, as we moved out of the auditorium, there was the best part – a huge singing and clapping and dancing MOB of people moved into the campus walk, filling it up completely. It was a sight that in the U.S. would’ve been deemed a riot and broken up by police but here, everyone LOVED it and were jumping and dancing, all in unision. Truly one of the most amazing experiences of my time here.

All of the women in our program in saree.

Under our banner for the parade.