Belgium and London Wrap Up :(


Despite the wind, rain, and low temperatures in Belgium, the country’s beauty still shone through. The highlight of my trip was making waffles in Bruge yesterday – it was such a fun experience, and the waffles were delicious. Spending this weekend with my friends has been amazing, and it has made me appreciate Civ in London for introducing me to people who will be lifelong friends. Unlike at PC, where it was difficult to make friends, I am excited to attend Providence college events with my newfound friends in Rhode Island. We have already started making plans for the summer, and it feels good to be surrounded by genuine friends. Although I am going to miss feeling loved in London, I am aware that this is my second to last trip, and everything is starting to feel so real. The bittersweet feeling of returning home is settling in; I miss my family, but a part of me wishes that I could stay in London forever. This trip has given me the chance to discover a different side of myself – the free, happy, and self-prioritizing Johandalys. I do not feel ready to let go of this newfound identity yet. I have a lot of responsibilities at home, such as taking care of my siblings and helping my parents, which can be overwhelming. Being away from these stressors has allowed me to find myself, and I hope to bring this new perspective and positive energy back to Rhode Island with me. I have learned so much about myself during these three months, and I am determined to make the most out of these experiences.