Beijing Tour Day 5: Free Day






This video is of the entrance to the Forbidden city with the Gold knobs, which people believe gives them good luck if they rub while passing by. Next in the video, I show the courtyard of Supreme Harmony where I include the intricate handmade artwork surrounding the complex, the vast stonework of the railings and walkways, and metalwork of the huge cauldrons placed around the exterior which were used to burn oil at night and/or in the winter for light and/or warmth.


Basically, today we had the ability to do whatever we wanted, so me and a few newly made friends decided to check out the sight where the 2008 Olympic Games took place. Also, we chose to gain admission to the waterpark inside the building which hosted the water sports of the 2008 Olympics (Unfortunately upon having so much enthusiasm for a much deserved and needed day of rest and relaxation after the exploring made throughout the past few days in Beijing, I forgot to take pictures of the waterpark itself. Sorry!).