Beijing Foodie Street


南锣鼓巷 or the “South Drum Lane”

is an amazing place to walk around and enjoy some snacks. Taste traditional Beijing foods such as Peking duck or pork stew.



Ehrling – Champagne Ocean

On a side note: I’m going to try and make my videos more accessible to everyone. Next video I plan on putting subtitles in for clarity and for those who could benefit from closed captioning. It only occurred to me after I made this video, but I will provide my transcript below.

Today I’m going to talk about nan luogu xiang. This is a popular destination to walk through and get snacks. This is the closest thing to street food in Beijing as street vendors aren’t allowed to sell food from stalls. In here we have a lot of different things to eat such as roasted octopus balls like takoyaki, handmade cold-skin noodles – great on a hot day, some freshly steaming baozi and what I believe at the end was lu zhu (pork stew that includes lungs, intestine, pork belly, tofu and bread) once you get your mind around eating lungs and intestine it’s actually a very tasty dish with many different textures.

The one thing Beijing is really known for is its roast duck or peking duck. If you don’t want to sit in a fancy restaurant to eat it you can order it as a wrap here for 30 kuai. lettuce, cucumbers, raw onion slivers, a hefty handful of duck, and a sweet sauce is all wrapped up into a delicious to-go snack. If duck isn’t up your alley they also have a pork version that is slow roasted on a spit. They also have fresh fruit juices that are so Instagram worthy. If Chinese food isn’t up your alley don’t worry. They also have some western style foods such as French fries or churros. I hope you visit nan luogu xiang if you ever visit Beijing it’s definitely an awesome place to kill a couple of hours and enjoy some delicious food.