Before Japan





Hello everyone,

My name is Gonktahlanee Thongphoon or you can call me Gong. Sorry for the late blog entry, my apartment didn’t have an internet router ready, so I was without internet for the past days. Anyways before I arrived in Japan, I was very nervous and exited to be coming here in by myself. My Japanese language skill is very limited, but I have been studying everyday, so hopefully by the end of this trip it will improved. Although summer vacation was fun, but the thing that I was looking forward to the most is my departure date to Japan on the 9th of September. I counted down everyday during summer and man did it felt like a long time for me. The thing that I missed the most about Kochi, Japan is the people and the warm community vibe that they have going over there. Kochi isn’t a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, but the one thing that Kochi has that can beat those city is the “home sweet home” feeling. 

Knowing that I will be by myself for half a year is also interesting. This experience will be the first time ever, where I will be celebrating Christmas and the New Year, without my family. There’s always a first time for everything I guess. The main thing is this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I will have to work hard and do my best. Let’s go with the flow and see where this will take me.

Thank you and have a nice day.