Becoming More Environmentally Aware and Interviewing for my Internship (Week 6)


Week 6 was a very eventful week for me. For my British, Life and Cultures class we had to do a sustainability walk. With two other students from my school, we walked through two different neighbourhoods and observed their differences. We started out in the neighbourhood called Canary Wharf. It is actually a very rich neighbourhood that is considered to be the financial district of London. I thought it was a very beautiful and sort of a futuristic area. Walking around, I observed that it was a very clean area with signs talking about keeping the city clean. There is also a large group in Canary Wharf that focuses on keeping the area clean. Walking through this area to Island Gardens there was a big difference between them. Island Gardens seemed more community based. There were a lot of parks with playground for children. It was definitely a lot more green than Canary Wharf. I actually enjoyed this walk as it helped me think more about the areas that I walk through. Although I have been here for a little over a month, I did not really pay attention to whether or not areas are focusing on green spaces and environmentalism. I think it is something I should start doing more. It is actually very interesting to observe these things and see what different boroughs invest in. One thing I also enjoyed about this walk is that I was able to get to know other students from my class. Although we are from the same school, we are not that close and walking together allowed us to get to know each other better. Another fun thing I did this week was go back to the Design Museum. We went to the exhibit all about environmentalism and the impact we’ve had on the environment. This exhibit was very interesting and a lot better then the previous exhibit I saw. It was very eye opening and frankly it made me think more about the impact I’m making on the environment. I think this was actually very informative and well organised. It is something that I would recommend to everyone. Although this week was interesting and full of new information, it got stressful towards the end of it. At the end of the week, I had to interview for the internship I am going to have for the rest of the semester. I was very nervous about it because the weather was not in my favour which meant that it was going to impact how well the wifi was going to work. I tried to prepare for the interview by renting a room at our school building. Unfortunately, this did not work out as well as I thought it would. I attempted to join the zoom call many times and it kept cutting out. It did make me sad and nervous that it was not working but my interviewer made it clear that this is something to be expected with technology. Fortunately, we were able to do a voice call and do the interview that way. Although there were some miscommunications I thought it went well. I am going to be interning at LGBT Hero. It is a charity where they have the goal of tackling health and social inequalities. They provide information and help on mental health and well-being, suicide and self harm, sexual wellbeing as well as other topics. I am actually very excited to be working here. I think it will be great to be involved with the community and be able to help in any way. The last thing that stressed me out this week was the amount of papers I had to work on for the last week of classes. Although only two of my classes are ending it means that there are plenty of things I need to write about. I have a 2,500 word paper due this Sunday with a partner. I am not really looking forward to it as we both are very big procrastinators. I know we will do well but we just have to get started. In addition to this I have two other 2,500 word papers as well as a final. I am vey much looking forward to the last week of classes.