Batik Wrap Pants





Check out the cute pants I made!!! So a few weeks ago I made this pair of wrap pants with my seamstress. They are made from an authentic handmade batik from Mercy Ocansey. Mercy is a known as one of the best batik makers in the world. Thankfully her shop is only a trotro ride from campus. In relation to the price of other mass produced fabrics in Ghana, she is expensive. But hey, you can’t get the best for cheap. Regardless, I made these pants from 2 1/2 yards of batik fabric. 

Surpisingly it actually didn’t take that long to create; maybe only an hour or so. Plus as an added bonus the cutting of the fabric was super simple. Seriously, these are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. Yes ladies, they even rival the loved comfort of yoga pants!! No doubt I will be making more of these in the future.