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iHola a todos!

There was a sudden realization this week that my time in Spain is almost over. With summer and fall registrations around the corner, I slowly felt the stress of my school creeping up again. The last three months in Madrid has been one of the best moments in my life where I felt free from responsibility and the toll that school had put on me.

Living here made me realized how hectic and busy my life in the States was. If I didn’t have class, I would be volunteering or studying. “Busy” is a word that I would use to describe my day-to-day activity. Initially, coming to Spain, I was uneasy with the feeling of freedom. Freedom to sit a park, freedom to explore on my own, freedom to travel to different countries. Freedom meant that I was not following a schedule or due dates. The relaxed mentality in Spain has rubbed off on me. I am not in a rush to get anywhere other than to my 9 o’clock class, but even then I am pacing out my time and enjoying the morning breeze.

Tranquilo or tranquila is a popular and common phrase in Spain. It is used in a sense of “calm down” or “relax” in any kind of situation. More often than not, I find myself saying this word in my moments of stress and anxiety. To me, it is a constant reminder that what I am feeling is only temporary and things will only get better from here. 

On a lighter note, this weekend I had the chance to visit Salamanca, Spain! Salamanca, the city, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its distinct history and architecture. We visited Las Catedrales (the Old and the New Cathedral). Aside from being a place of worship, the Old and New Cathedral reflects the history of the city through their architecture.

Las Catedrales—La Vieja y La Nueva (The Cathedrals – the Old and the New).

We also went on the Ieronimus exhibition which allows you to climb to the towers of the Cathedrals with a spectacular view of the city from the Anaya Terrace and Mocha Tower.

The view from the rooftop of the Cathedrals.

In addition to the Cathedrals, we visited Universidad de Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain. Along with tourism, the university is also the primary source of income for the city as it attracts locals and international students from all over the world.

Courtyard of Universidad de Salamanca.

Earlier today, I attended another Real Madrid game with my friends. I do not think I will ever get used to or grow tired of fútbol because of the passion and energy that goes into it. It still does not feel real to me that I am watching my favorite team, players, and head coach live instead of through my TV. Bonus: we won 3-2 against S.D. Huesca.

Real Madrid vs. S.D. Huesca 3-2.

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Song of the week: “Midsummer Madness” – 88rising