Autumn Break Trip: Italia!




Firenze, Italia!

This past week, I visited Italy! And let me tell you…oh my god- it was so so beautiful. I visited Florence, Rome, and Perugia, all in four days! It was not my intention to travel to so many cities in such a short period of time but the chocolate festival in Perugia got the best of us ;) Ah, I had such an amazing time! I stayed at my friend’s apartment in Florence- she is one of my really really good friends from home who is also doing an exchange year and is loving it. Her apartment was conveniently located in the (somewhat) city center area of Florence. So our walk everyday consist of us going through the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore which, by the way, was massive! I loved Florence so much, in a way that I wouldn’t want to live or start a family there but would definitely revisit again in the future. Let me show you a few pictures from my stay in Florence.





Rome, Italia. Oh my goodness! Rome is breathtaking. It is definitely a MUST visit destination in Europe. I was so impressed with the Colosseum but even more impressed with the Roman Forum! It was definitely the best 12 euros I have ever spent in my life (so far at least). I was so in shocked and overwhelmed with all the sights. As of right now, Rome is currently my #1 favorite city I visited so far. Even though, we only had a day (more like 8 hours) in Rome, we got to see most of the main attractions. On top of what I mentioned, we went to the Spanish steps, the Trevi fountain, and the Pantheon. We also went shopping! ;) Unintentionally. While walking back to the metro, there was a grand opening to a store and they had 50% off everything. It was awesome, considering how pricey clothes are in Copenhagen.




Perugia! My second to last day in Italy- we did a day trip to a chocolate festival. Yippee! It was a nice and relaxing(ish) day. It was very very very busy as well. There were so many people there! I will upload a video along with this post so you can see how crowded it was. Perugia is also beautiful (though not comparable to Florence or Rome). It’s gorgeous in its own ways, alright. We tried a lot of chocolate, listened to live music, and walked up a very steep hill to get the actual festival. 




Though I had an amazing time in Italy, it also made me realize how much I miss my bed back home and how much I love Copenhagen. Yes, I now refer to Copenhagen as home. That was quick, right? It’s hard not to fall in love with such a livable city. Livable might be an awkward word to describe Copenhagen but I really think it’s the most fitting. In Italy, there were times where I felt unsafe- not that someone was going to kidnap or rob me… but I didn’t enjoy being hollered at. I didn’t enjoy the kissy noises men made towards my friend and me. I didn’t enjoy the awkward compliments and stare downs. I guess unsafe wouldn’t be the right word…maybe uncomfortable is more fitting. It didn’t bother me too much that much because I didn’t see any of the men as threats. But it made me feel realize how awesome Copenhagen is. Men would never (for the most part) holler at you when walking down the street, they wouldn’t make weird and awkward remarks about how you look, they wouldn’t stare you down and give you a wink when you stare back. For that reason (+ many more), I am falling even more in love with Copenhagen. I am even considering doing my master’s here (or maybe somewhere in the Scandinavia where tuition is free to non-EU citizens).

Thanks for reading! Here is a video I put together from the trip :)