Aubergines, cold cheese, and no gallon milk!


My first visit to the grocery store in London was quite interesting. I was extremely shocked by how small all the fruit and vegetables were. At least compared to what I see in the states. Here eggplants are called aubergines and there is no such thing as a gallon of milk! I definitely had to better portion how much food I would buy and I also had to make some compromises for when my favorite food items were not sold it store. For example, I could not find the brand of Greek yogurt that I love. However, I decided to try a local brand from the store and it was delicious! (Perhaps even better than the my favorite brand back in the states!). Another interesting aspect was there is no such thing is shelf cheese. All cheese is refrigerated here. Even cheese needed to make Alfredo! Overall, I am excited to continue to experiment with more foods throughout my time here and be creative with my cooking.