As I leave Sunny California






Hello Fellow Travelers’!

I wanted to introduce myself in this blog since most of my trip will consist of videos and pictures. I am so excited to bring you along and check out Japan and everything it offers. I actually chose Japan to study abroad because it was the first country on my buck list. Being that we all have a buck list destination, whether you have it written down somewhere or its lingering in your mind, I hope that if like me this place is Japan or not I can convince you to also pick this country as a future destination.  

I must admit, as the departure date comes closer I am getting a little nervous. This would be the first time I fly internationally and specifically Asia. I spoke to a nurse at school after making sure I was all set for the trip. She gave me great advice about how to take on the 15-hour flight. I thought I would share this advice with you.

1) She said that I would need to buy water or fill up bottles once I passed the security entrance as it gets dry up high

2) Then she told me to walk around a lot and not to fall asleep for more than 2-3 hours. Possibly bring earplugs, or ear buds to listen to whit noise

3) Bring ear buds, mask, Visine, Hand sanitizer, pepto and Chap Stick.

She’s a little eccentric and may have advised alcohol as well. Anyhow, FEA has also connected with me with past scholarship winners Shonda and Shalisha. They gave me great advice!

1) Buy a WiFi pocket

2) Download Line app

3) Take cash out at airport and buy a coin purse 

I am really excited for this life-changing trip to Japan. I’ll get back to you soon!