Arrival in Seoul, South Korea





In a sunny morning, I left the Lung Wah Residential Colleges for the Hong Kong International Airport at 11:37AM, took the A10 Airport bus from Kennedy Town directly to Terminal 2. Along the way, I met a young lady who was also heading her way to join a Korean tour. We chatted up on how Korea is a great place to buy cosmetics, skincare and savory snacks for the family.

I arrived at the airport and settled in about a 1.5 hour ahead of schedule, so I used the airport’s free internet service to book hostels for Tokyo. I flew Thai Airways, and it was a pleasant flight. The flight attendents were very nice. They provide motion sickness medication upon request!

I arrived at Seoul Incheon Airport 5 hours later, and Joseph picked me up at the airport. He bought a T card, the equivalent of Hong Kong Octopus card of Korea for $30USD. It took about 1.5hr to transfer from the airport to our hostel, Hi Youth Seoul Hostel on the purple line.

Weather: It is very similar to the Chicago witner weather, except the wind chill can literally lift any sort of warm away from your body with its ripping current and leave needle stabbing pain to your bones. : ( It’s cold here, highly suggest to wear layers to keep insulated and warm in the winter time.

Wonju city. My companions and I went to a small city nearby Seoul to visit friends' relative.

Traditional house nearby Seoul tower.

Traditional Korean restaurant.