Arrival and Exploration!


Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m excited to finally get you all a blog and a status update!

I’ve been here in Kochi since August 9th and I started extra lessons and met with my tutors the following Monday. They are great people, one of them is a friend I’ve had for about a year now her name is Natsumi she is really busy but always there to help me no matter what is going on with either of us. Next we have Masaharu, who we just call Masa. He is the nicest guy I’ve met in a long time and always puts the needs of others before himself (unless he needs to do homework!). Last but not least is Mao, she is energetic and motivated to help me learn Japanese and to learn English herself, so much so that I always get a recharge when we study together.


My classes don’t start for another few weeks, but my supplemental lessons are really important to me. I’m glad I got here a little early to get extra studying under my belt. There is an obvious gap in my language skills in the form of vocabulary, but with daily conversation and study I’ll improve.

On to maybe the most important aspect of my short time here so far; Kochi is wonderful. People are polite and outgoing in a way that is totally different from the mainland the city itself is contained and you can explore all day and still find something new the next. I wish I had my computer repaired so I could share all my pictures, but I promise you that next blog with access to a computer everyone will get a chance to see how beautiful my short term home is, and all the adventure it offers.

With that, I have to end this short blog but I’m safe, I’m home and I’m in love with my chance to study in this beautiful city. Thank you so much everyone who supported me, and gave me this chance.