Anthony Viola- First week summary






Hey y’all,

I have arrived and have been getting settled in. For now I’m in quarantine per the college until they can get the student tested. I have determined my final schedule, and it is all in person. The first day was just getting off the plane, figuring out the transportation, all thanks to my sister Amanda for that late night help due to limited service. 😀 After getting transport from ACG staff the group of us loaded into a big group bus with our luggage, traveled to ACG campus where they brought us to a smaller van because Athens roads are way smaller than America and it gets tight to drive big vehicles around. They seem to drive the same as America. The Driver’s side is still on the left side. We arrived, got introduced, and did check in stuff, then moved into our apartments that are in a single building, multiple floors and apartments only for ACG students. My apartment mates consist of Evan, a Florida business/ finance student with Greek language knowledge and some Greek family. My second roommate is Joey, a EMT/ medical school student with experience in social problem Advocacy and habitat for humanity. Both are pretty cool and interesting fellows.

It’s been so beautiful here. Sunny with a cool breeze. Not really anything going on just been moving from my apartment’s kitchen to the room to the patio and talking to my apartment mates. My roommates are pretty cool, and have been pretty helpful making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Even Evan has some Greek experience and some family here which has definitely come in handy a couple times hahaha. Evan even has family homes from some ancestors a few generations back. Also I met some of Joey’s friends and family from him facetiming which is pretty cool. His Grandmother made some IBM computer chips and double majored in computer science and chemistry in the 50s. How cool is that hahaha? Then my apartment neighbors on one side is a group of 2 Greek female students from different Greek islands. It’s pretty cool they offered to show us around after this whole quarantine. The other side is a group of female students as well other than that we haven’t really met.

Pictures Below.

I can’t wait to see Athens and see what it has to offer. I experienced a chicken gyro and pork gyros with fries in it, a Greek salad made by our Greek neighbors and some other things which have been pretty good. But definitely excited to be able to travel and see what’s out there. I was told by my veteran friend to always try something once and even when in a restaurant ask for something a local group is having, so I’m just interested to see everything and try some new food.

At first, before the flights I was so anxious before my flights regarding navigating the airports alone for the first time and it felt so surreal until after I checked my luggage in and had them look over my paperwork at the airport. After flying to Athens, it seems so easy to pick a destination and just go, providing money wasn’t a problem. It’s so weird knowing that even though my flight and airport time was at least 24 hours all together, that after all the restrictions die down that literally the world is at my fingertips.

I never even thought I would be able to leave my local area given all the things I’ve been through. Now look where I am now. 😀 Now that I’m here, I’m aware that yea it’s possible and if I set my mind to it, I can and will do it. (Which might have been also contributed to by a great support network)

I’m so glad to have this opportunity because it’s already opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and I can’t wait to physically go out, learn and experience everything.

I’ve been sitting here outside on the patio the last few hours. Smiling, talking, thinking of everything it took to be here and future possibilities and enjoying this weather.

Have a good one,

History, Anthropology and Honors

Studying at ACG in Athens, Greece

Home: CSU Chico

Class of 2023