Ansto Opal Reactor


Even though we could not take photos or videos inside, I will never forget our visit to the Opal Reactor. This reactor is one of a handful in the world that produces radioisotopes which make imaging in nuclear medicine possible. We do not have a reactor that does this in the U.S., so it was one of the determining factors for me to study abroad. I love seeing exactly where things come from and how they are made. At my clinic site I had heard about slow downs due to shortages. Now I understand exactly how a shutdown can affect nuclear medicine globally. Much work goes into producing a radio-tracer before it ever reaches my hand or a patients body. It was nice to see that everyone across the ocean was was just as passionate about this field as me and my classmates. Their speakers were mindful of our time and stayed right on schedule by communicating with our tour guides. They were happy to have students visiting that had an understanding of how valuable their work is and who were eager to ask questions. I will never look at the periodic table or uranium again and not think of the Opal Reactor and how many people they have helped. To learn more and see photos of the inside you can visit