Another one bites the dust…


Shinjuku…at night

This post is coming up a few days early with few vids and very few pics because this weekend, I am going on a 2 day trip to Kamakura. So, expect my next blog posting to contain much more pictures and videos.

With that being said, I want to continue this post by letting everyone know that it takes a great amount of mental strength to completely immerse yourself into a culture and language you know very little about. I went to countless seminars in preparation for this trip and still didn’t know what to expect.

The language barrier is by far the most difficult thing to compe with when traveling overseas for long periods of time. I love my host family, but sometimes I just want to vent but no one understands me. Luckily, I am able to still contact people at home and that helps. Also, my karate really helps a lot. I think if I has no means of venting, I would be very unhappy, as would anyone who had to hold in their frustration.

I also think it is very difficult for most people to let go of their way of thinking and instead, think as something or someone else. Even for me, that concept is very difficult. In fact, on philosophy of the Japanese people that I am beginning to become very fond of is the saying ã—ょã†ãŒãªã„ (shouganai). That literally means, “It can’t be helped.”

Being the stubborn and persistent person I am, a saying like that is a very difficult concept to grasp. But being in this place the past 2 weeks has really helped my understanding of the things I can and cannot control. I understand now more than ever that I control only myself. I can’t control others or outcomes of situations that don’t directly involve or affect me. Finally having this understanding has renewed my resolve and helped me gain confidence in my goals.

I’m happy knowing I’m on the right path for ME. I’m ready to get my hands dirty and I’m ready for the blisters and bruises from digging so deep into the dirt that the only immediate relief in sight is my bed at the end of the day.

The world has no clue who I am…but they will.