Another Day, Another Dollar – Cafe Studying & SQUID GAME 0.0





I headed to several cafés this week to do some studying! Midterms are coming up soon, so I took the time to catch up on my studying and to take a class.

Next to me is someone taking a class on Photoshop, a graphic designer maybe? Across the room, a woman writing quickly; her pen moves at an exponentially fast speed. Another woman with hair curls in her hair as she takes notes. This café seems to be filled with college students taking classes or studying. Compared to the US, the people here are still dressed in well attire even as midterms are approaching. Jeans with a nice t-shirt and jeans with blazers. In the US, as midterms are approaching, we will all have students scrambling in sweats and oversized hoodies cramming in their studies. Me? I am in leggings with an oversized t-shirt taking classes.

On another note, on my way to class today, I was given a card by a person in a red mask like in the Netflix’s Squid Game. Before taking the card, I initially was frightened. Will someone kidnap me? Am I going to participate in this game? Then, I saw a large stack of cards. What an experience!