Annnnnddddd…. he’s Back! (John Gabelus – Santiago, Chile)






I’m not really sure there’s any other way, to sum up, the month that I’ve just completed living and learning in Santiago other than to say that the program was amazing and transformative!  I’ve made it back to the US in one piece and the reunion with family and my best friends has been even more special because of the length of my absence, but wow – I really hated leaving Santiago!

In the past month, I’ve become an even more independent and responsible human being as a result of operating alone outside of time spent with my cohort.  However, I now have a new Chilean family to whom I owe the success of my travel and every positive experience in Santiago.  More than the food, the history, or the sights, I will miss my host mother asking me “Como fue tu dia?” at a dinner table shared with my bros.

While it was a wonderful program and my heart has fallen for the beauty of Santiago, all good things come to an end and I have rejoined the hustle and bustle of the Boston area.  Stoughton, my hometown, has changed a little since I left, but to my chagrin, they have yet to construct an Emporio de la Rosa.

In the spirit of gratitude, I must once again say thank you to FEA, Boston College, and to every individual that supported me in achieving this dream.  I can’t imagine my college experience would have been as fruitful or challenging without this opportunity and for that, I owe many people.  Traveling was smooth and relaxed, so I thank God for keeping me safe as well.  Moving forward, into the same world with a new perspective and drive, I plan to cherish the memories I made in Chile while challenging similar structures of oppression and harm that exist in the States.

Oh, and here’s another one of my many Oscar-worthy performances.  (Like I said at the end of my first blog, the equipment was never going to arrive).