Amsterdam’s Deep rooted History






Hello everyone!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to explore the magnificent city of Amsterdam as part of an academic learning experience, and I was truly amazed by the deep-rooted history that permeates this vibrant city. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, boasts an intricate network of canals, historic architecture, and a remarkably progressive atmosphere. With breathtaking landscapes and a multitude of colorful buildings, the city exudes charm, while its friendly and active locals add to its appeal.

Growing up in America, my academic curriculum covered a great deal about the Holocaust. One of the primary reasons I was motivated to visit Amsterdam was to see the Anne Frank House. Anne Frank, a Jewish diarist, had to hide during World War II. Stepping inside the Anne Frank House allows you to travel back in time and witness the secret annex, where Anne penned her now-famous diary. Walking through the rooms, you gain a profound understanding of the challenges faced by those in hiding and the importance of preserving their memory. It was a truly surreal experience to see the house in person, especially after having read about it only in textbooks. I remember feeling a deep sense of sadness during my visit, realizing how a world filled with so much hate once existed.

The Red Light District, an unconventional neighborhood in Amsterdam, is renowned worldwide for its progressive approach to legal sex work. While initially appearing provocative, it is crucial to remember that the district symbolizes the city’s longstanding commitment to tolerance and acceptance. The history of this area is of great importance to the country and should be appreciated. However, due to an influx of disrespectful tourists, stricter laws will come into effect in the next few years. Which will severely limit tourism and make it harder for people who want to learn about this unique city. As more individuals travel they tend to forget that it is vital to always be mindful and respectful of different cultures and traditions.

A trip from Leeds to Amsterdam takes you on a remarkable journey filled with history, culture, and freedom. From the poignant tale of Anne Frank to the unconventional allure of the Red Light District, Amsterdam offers a captivating blend of experiences. As you delve into the city’s rich heritage and embrace its progressive outlook, you will come to appreciate the diversity and resilience that make Amsterdam truly unforgettable.