All the feelings in Buenos Aires


Two weeks ago I was making a pre-departure video anticipating leaving for Buenos Aires. I was excited, nervous and to be honest I felt a little over my head. Even though I knew how much I wanted to travel abroad and how much I had been looking forward to achieving this huge dream of mine, I did feel like I wasn’t at all prepared.

Now a week in, with hindsight, I can say I wasn’t. At least for a few things! I definitely could have done more research about things like the currency, how to find my way about the city, and how cold it was actually going to be. However, reflecting on these things I’m trying to be more understanding to myself. This is my first time abroad! That slightly anxious, overwhelmed feeling is understandable, and it doesn’t mean I wasn’t extremely grateful and excited to be across the world and experiencing life in a new city. Now, I think there is no way to prepare yourself for such a completely new experience, and that is okay! I am here now with a week under my belt in Buenos Aires and a ton of emotions felt. Surrealness and disbelief, but also joy and wonder. And maybe a little drop of being uncomfortable. If only because el colectivos here are…. well let’s say the stops are pretty abrupt and the speeds are definitely new.

With this first post, I wanted to reflect on all these feelings and make sure those reading and myself know that they are all valid! The negative feelings didn’t deter the positive ones and they definitely do not define my experience so far. It is okay to feel underprepared or even underwhelmed, but I have learned so much already and it is only the beginning! So, to move on, here is a list including pictures of the things about Buenos Aires I have come to know. Enjoy!

1. There are cafes on every corner! This is because of the Argentine’s love of “merendar.” This is in between the hours 4pm- 7pm where friends meet up at cafes to chat and eat sweet things like croissants or alfajores.

2. Public Transportation is EASY and ACCESSIBLE! There is the subte (subway), el colectivo (bus), el tran(train), and taxis.

3. The food is NOT spicy, and very European. Argentine’s love their bread, cheese and of course meat. The croissants and the empanadas are delicious! Hopefully, in the coming weeks I will have the chance to try the famous asada (carne) here.