Afternoon Tea & Bath Day Trip – 11th Week at NYU London!




Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! I’m excited to share some of the fun activities I’ve been involved in last week and this past weekend. I realized that I’ll only be in London for about four more weeks until I have to head back home. Although I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends in the US, I’m upset that I will have to leave and end this chapter of my study abroad experience. This is why I’m increasingly trying to enjoy the moment and appreciate living in the present rather than worrying about the future!

On Friday, the staff from NYU London booked an appointment for afternoon tea at the National Gallery of Art in Trafalgar Square. Afternoon tea is a traditional British pastime which is meant to provide a bit of energy for people to make it from lunch to dinner without feeling tired. This was an event I was especially thrilled to attend since afternoon tea is typically £50-60 per person, so I had to take advantage of NYU paying for it! The interior of the tea room was exceptionally fancy, from the ornately decorated chandeliers to the vibrant bouquets of flowers and soft classical music playing in the background. We were served a tray of delicious sandwiches (with salmon, ham, tomatoes, and cucumber), scones (one plain and one raisin) and a selection of mini cakes (chocolate, carrot, and lemon). It was such an unforgettable time, as I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of sweet and savory tastes and relished the relaxing atmosphere with my friends by my side.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a field trip to Bath! Nearly two thousand years ago, the Romans recognized the unique qualities of Bath and settled there. Set in a sheltered valley, surrounded like Rome by seven wooded hills and nourished by Britain’s only natural hot springs, it is a natural haven and has even been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As a group, we took a walking tour to admire some of the finest architectural treasures in the world, including the Royal Crescent, the Circus, Pump Room and Pulteney Bridge. After the tour, we were split into two groups for our entry into the Roman Baths where we were given audio guides to listen to the historical significance behind the site. Once the site of one of the great religious spas of the ancient world, the people of Roman Britain came to the site to worship the goddess Sulis Minerva and bathe in the waters of the natural thermal springs, which still flow with hot water today. The baths were beautiful and it was interesting to learn more about the archaeological finds from the collection featured on the tour.

Next week is Thanksgiving already – I can’t believe how fast it’s all moving! I’m looking forward to the break because my friends and I are traveling outside of the country to Lisbon, Portugal where we’ll spend two days and then we’re going to Madrid, Spain for another two days. Be sure to look out for my 12th blog post next week! :)