After Class





Although class does take up a good portion of the day, it doesn’t really feel like it. We usually have a lot of time after we finish the daily homework; we play different sports such as soccer or ultimate, go into town to buy groceries, cook a full meal, and just hang out. After sometime, I really did start to miss the U.S., and in order to compensate for this I would watch really bad romantic comedies or action films. I saw the ugly truth, mr and mrs smith, another one with Catherine heigel, fast and the furious 1, fast and the furious 2 and 21 and over.But not only did I watch bad films, I watch a bunch of great ones as well. Such as all of Wes Anderson’s film (seeing as he is a UT alumni I thought I’d indulge a bit), ghostbusters, caught up on Mad Men season 6, and adventure time! There isn’t that much to see in Delft after the first week and sometimes you definitely a bit of alone time away from the group because you are constantly together so pretty much everyone watched a few movies when they were alone or took long naps. It’s a relatively laid back class the only downside is the lack of integration with the other students at delft first handedly.