Our group traveled to the famous Hierve de Agua, situated 2.5 hours away from Oaxaca City. The journey there was as much as an adventure as the experiece at the natural monument. In order to arrive, we rode the local bus system to Mitla, where a “colectivo” picked us up. A colectivo is basically a truck driver who transports people from Mitla to Hierve de Agua through a road that most would consider perilous.  So our troupe of 13 squeezes into one of these trucks, with most of our company sitting in the bed of the truck. We venture through a zig-zagging road that was no wider than a car lane through mountainous terrain in partially rainy conditions. We were situated at 2,700 meters at the highest point during our journey. To add to the experience, our Mexican driver was blasting Bruno Mars. Upon arriving at our destination, we were amazed by the beauty before us. It was certainly a hidden paradise tucked away in the corner of Oaxaca. Pools of crystal water collected high in the mountains, where people, including our group, eagerly swam in. Off in the distance, while one waded in the pools, waterfalls of calcified minerals could be seen. It was these minerals that gave the pools their distinct crystal lime green color.