Adjusting to Spain





Within a few days of coming to Granada, Spain, I quickly realized that adapting to a new country would require a significant adjustment in my flexibility and schedule. Today I will talk about how studying abroad in Granada has shaped my approach to time management and prioritization.

Upon my arrival in Granada, I found myself in a city where time seemed to flow at a different pace. The concept of a siesta, a midday break when most businesses and shops close, was foreign to me. Additionally, weekends in Spain are different from what I was accustomed to in the United States, with many places closed or operating on limited hours. To be productive, while immersing myself in the local culture, I revised my daily routine. I made sure to prioritize my academic responsibilities while leaving ample time for exploration and socializing. By rearranging my study hours and adapting to the local rhythm, I found a way to enjoy the vibrant Spanish nightlife without compromising my academic pursuits.

Back in the United States, I am known for my strict adherence to routines and my dedication to sleeping early and waking up early. My experience studying abroad has, however, taught me the value of enjoying the present moment and accepting spontaneity. While my studies and obligations always remain a top priority, I have learned to be more balanced by making time for fun and adventures. By being more relaxed about my schedule, I’ve been able to seize the opportunities that Granada has to offer, creating unforgettable memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.

This experience has reinforced the importance of flexibility and adaptability in our daily lives. It has taught me that while it is crucial to prioritize our responsibilities, it is equally important to allow ourselves the freedom to immerse in new experiences, explore different cultures, and create memories.