Acting “Debut” into Hollywood…




COME ONE, COME ALL! Come to witness the magnificent Cievia in her great DEBUT into Hollywood! She is FANTASTIC, she is MARVELOUS, she is UNSTOPPABLE! With one glance, you will fall in love with her alluring and breathless gaze. She is the next rising star; the definition of remarkable. Come to witness her captivating skills and toast to her ever-growing influence.

Oh, imagine that?

When I was young, I held onto dreams of becoming an actress. I wanted to stand in front of an audience of over one-hundred thousand people to perform for them and to be in endless films with other rising stars. I wanted to have the ability to portray the feelings of a character and to have millions of people recognize the emotional impact an actor/actress can have when there is no boundary between the character and actor–there is only raw emotions and both worlds (real and non-real) are one. However, dreams were dreams. As one grows, their dreams either grow with them or turn to dust. My heart still yearns for the stage and the endless stories I can portray with my emotions and body language but that dream withered to dust as I aged.

Can I say the magnitude of reality was too powerful for mere dreams? Not really. There are amazing actors and actresses who gave everything for their dream to be onstage and onscreen. I just happened to fall in love with something else and now I possess a different agenda and a different dream.

However, possessing a different dream cannot make one lose the love they had for another. Although that love is buried deep, there are instances that can occur to shift that love to the surface again. Therefore, this is my acting debut into Hollywood :)

My final project in my Thai Language course was create a short video, around three to five minutes, and present it to class. Being the most “extra” my friend–Karina–and I, Cievia, can be, we decided to create a short movie with a horror plot line:

Karl is the catalyst to the haunting incidents of the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. A few years aback, him and his girlfriend was truly in love but due to a car accident, he lost the love of his life. However, she never left his side even after death. A few years after Karl loses Cievia, he and Karina falls in love. He eventually tries to propose to Karina but will the ghost of his ex-girlfriend allow this marriage or will she try everything to break them apart?

The language spoken here is Thai–hence, Thai Language Course–and I hope you all will enjoy my debut into Hollywood.

Special thanks to Karina, for being so awesome with the video edits, and Karl for being so amazingly patient with us even though this was not his project. Also, thanks to Matt for deciphering and translating the English into Thai and for also making a special entrance into the short movie. We never would have received an A on this assignment without the help of everyone. Much love.

Also, special thanks to whomever watches this. We did our very best and pour somewhat part of our hearts into this project. FYI, if you know anyone in Hollywood that would like to contact us, my email is [email protected]. THANK YOU, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! <3

(It’s too large of a file, so I will insert a link. Thank you!)