A White Christmas


While I’ve been told stories about winters in Korea and tried to mentally prepare, experiencing it firsthand is on a whole other playing field. Nothing could have prepared me, a naive Californian, for just how brutal winters in Seoul can be. I’ve learned the art of layering up and the blessings of heating packs. However, experiencing this bitter cold is worth it because one day, when I was out exploring in Insadong, it started snowing! Not just a light sprinkle, but a heavy downfall of pretty snow. It turned everything white and created such a beautiful aesthetic with the Christmas lights and decorations. I was truly mesmerized. Later that night, my friends and I went outside at midnight when it started snowing again and had a snowball fight, and attempted to make a snowman. This snowy day was one of my favorite moments while being abroad so far!

*Snowing in Insadong

*Snow day!