A Weekend in Vienna


I stayed in Vienna for my layover instead of heading back to Copenhagen. Photo diary below:

1. A Jean-Michel Basquiat piece inside the Albertina Museum. I’ve heard of Basquiat but have never seen any of his artwork before. The exhibition was absolutely mesmerizing, and I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time at an exhibition. His work, which placed so much emphasis on resisting the establishment, colonialism, and systems of racism in America, resonated with me. It’s very powerful and demonstrates our society’s lack of progress for Basquiat’s struggle with racism and police brutality in the 1980s in Brooklyn, NY, to ring so true today.

2. After visiting St. Peter’s Catholic Church, I stopped by Original Sacher-Torte for the famous chocolate cake and, of course, a Chai Latte (the cake is definitely worth the long line). I ended the night by visiting the Prater amusement park and riding the Ferris wheel for a night view of Vienna.