A weekend in Seoul





Classes at Yonsei University during the summer lasts from Monday to Thursday. I try to explore the amazing city on Fridays and Saturdays and tend to spend my Sundays studying. Here in Korea, the nightlife is pretty wild and the ones interested should definitely experience it. Personally, I am not a nightlife kind of person and prefer to spend my nights indoors. Hence, I love going out during the day and enjoy myself as a tourist in Seoul. 

The Dragon Hill Spa is a popular location for tourist and locals. It is six stories tall and also includes an arcade for additional fun. Alike other spas, there are different rooms of saunas, each ranging in different temperatures. There is also an ice room that is -9 Celcius; which is thought was amazing for cooling down. There was a summer sale for foreigners so the entrance fee was only 6,000 won for weekdays. At this spa, I was able to experience a traditional Korean spa and allow myself to relax after hours of walking around the city.

It is normal for everyone to lay down at the spa and chill with free wifi and TV. Customers can even stay overnight at the spa because they provide pillows and a room specifically for anyone looking to rest. I believe it is pretty affordable to avoid the price of a hotel! A drink that is popular at the spa is called Sikhye. It is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage that contains grains of rice.

The day after, I visited the Bongeunsa temple. This temple was interesting to walk through as I was able to witness the religion of Koreans. Historically, this temple is home to 3,479 Buddhist scriptures of 13 types. This temple as once known as Gyeonseongsa Temple and in 1498, Queen Jeonghyeon refurbished renamed it, Bongeunsa Temple.